Women in Religious Rituals

posterWomen in Religious places

a project on ‘Women in Religious Places ‘ will be on the walls of Art Konsult as part of the MATI’s (management of ART Treasures of India) event at Art Konsult on 14th September 2013 at the gallery in Lado Sarai, New Delhi, India. Curated by JohnyML

Prices are all-time-high in India

Prices are going all-time-high in India

Normal life been hit badly as the prices in India are all time high, fuel prices are keep increasing. The price of onion, a common ingredient in many dishes. The wholesale price has rising every month, although retail prices have more than doubled in every markets (Rs 60-80/- per kg )

flower vendors

flower vendors

women selling flower in front of the famous Triveni talkies Gandhi nagara,in Bangalore city, Part of the Street Vendor series 


The first print of this series sold last week. Medium: Kodak 3200 ASA B&W film. Year: 2001, Year of exhibit:2010 Scanned and printed with Archival inkjet printer on imported paper.

Gireesh GV photography

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