Boy who lives close to Delhi WHO head quarters….


Boy who lives in a slum close to Delhi ‘WHO’ head quarters. I never understand what is so difficult to uplift their life. No good schools, no efficient teachers, no emergency health centers, but all of them got Voters ID cards……

Musnah…. means rain clouds

Photo by Gireesh GV
Musnah, as she said….. a 4 yr old girl lives near Yamuna river banks….

But no clouds for Delhi, As her name means Rain clouds many of us expecting some rains everyday. The temperature in North is  37- 40°C  as crosses the above normal, fearing a hard summer time ahead. The innocent smile from Musnah doesn’t show her living conditions.  She lives near the Yamuna banks on temporary colony. No water, no toilets…. Thankfully there is a school. Their main source is a ground water pump inside the colony is too hard to use. The basic amenities are ignored to them. Hardly any supports come from authorities to these migrants. The source water Yamuna is heavily polluted.