Striking hard-Odisha


from the outskirts of Bhubaneswar, on our way to Balasore. Started drizziling and  the pitch  dark clouds made me more worry. its reminded me about 1999 super cyclone which badly hit entire coastal in Orissa. Apparently there was a cyclone warning and we were not aware. Roads are not crowded very few two wheelers, cars and trucks. We could see many workers walking dare in the rain as they coming back from the fields. we could see from the far there are variety of lightening strikes directly into the fields.  Next day I read the news ( Local news papers) about the causalities. There are 30 causalities reported in single day. The villagers work in the field who are worst affected and the village they live  has hardly any precautions. The deaths are happened due to a chain of strong lightening on Saturday afternoon, followed by heavy rainfall.