Marching forward

Farmers from Punjab and Haryana are with family and friends in Delhi borders for last 7 nights. In solidarity, to protest against the new farm law of Central Government. Farmers fear that they stand to lose more than they could gain from the new regulations and that the main beneficiaries will be agricultural corporations with enormous funds. It seems they are here prepared, for a long stay at the protest sites away from their farms. With their trucks and farm tractors, loaded with tons of provisions blocked the main highway to the Capital. They opened Live kitchens and brought trailers are been converted into makeshift rooms with tarpaulin covers. Cooking and feeding food to anyone who passes by their protest site. They are only here to march forward.

photographs by © 2020 Gireesh GV

#farmersprotest #indianfarmers #photodocumentary #photojournalism #naturallightphotography #natgeoyourshot #nytimes @natgeo @stand_with_farmers


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