Time to remove blindfolds and see reality

  • Many in the capital city are confused, dont have any information on what will happen next, or what to do next

With the second wave of Covid-19 sweeping across the capital city, many are a bemused lot. People do not have any information on what will happen next, or what to do next.
They are running from hospital to hospitals, from there to Covid care centres. Some are lucky to get beds and medical attention but many are ignored or, simply, turned away.
This is almost an Emergency, more than a health emergency.
In Delhi, most hospitals are packed with patients. It is a creaky healthcare system. The system can’t take this anymore for these doctors and health workers, they all are helpless.
As one of my friends suggested, ‘why can’t they call the army in?’, Calling the army in, is that a solution! I will never suggest that option.
What are our soldiers for…….
I don’t agree with it, this has been worsened due to the mismanagement by the authorities. Shouldn’t we, too, be blamed for this mess?
I will say, yes. But at the same time, we are also to be blamed.
Irresponsible citizens….

Let me do my contributions to your town, before I leave….. I don’t care what happen to others, I do what i like, I spit where ever I want…..

They and we have taken things for granted for so long.
Many didn’t pay heed to the vaccination campaign, most of them ignored it, or deliberately delayed taking the jab. There was a kind of hesitation, a certain reluctance.
Here again, many are dying without getting oxygen, medicines and unlike last year this second wave is hurting many and leaving many more gasping for breath.
There is chaos everywhere.
We can, certainly, come out of this chaos. We must try. And it is high time, the authorities removed their blindfolds and saw reality at close quarters.

Dedicated Covid center opened opp to LNJP hospital at Delhi Govt with support of corporate funding.

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