© Gireesh GV
© Gireesh GV

Monsoon Clouds

Kumbalanghi © GIREESH GV
Kumbalanghi © GIREESH GV

Dust Storm

 © GIREESH GVFine dust rising from the banks of Yamuna due to a truck carrying construction materials, Uttar Pradesh, India

Street walks

Streets of Nizamuddin

River Yamuna

Yamuna river Agra, © Gireesh GV
© Gireesh GV

Red roses and Rain drops

© Gireesh GV
© Gireesh GV

Welder on a rainy evening

A Welder working on an installation in New Delhi Photo by Gireesh GV
A migrant labor as Welder working on an installationwork in New Delhi,  Photo by Gireesh GV

from the banks of Hooghly river

from the banks of The Hooghly River 2014 © Gireesh GV.






When the rain arrived




Early morning light on a bird

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. – Benjamin Franklin

Catch the morning rays of the sun on your face. Bask in the warm golden rays, and you will feel wonderful. Take a brisk walk in the open, and enjoy the gentle morning breeze on your face. The morning sun is a good source of vitamins that gives your body a healthy look.

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