Musnah…. means rain clouds

Photo by Gireesh GV
Musnah, as she said….. a 4 yr old girl lives near Yamuna river banks….

But no clouds for Delhi, As her name means Rain clouds many of us expecting some rains everyday. The temperature in North is  37- 40°C  as crosses the above normal, fearing a hard summer time ahead. The innocent smile from Musnah doesn’t show her living conditions.  She lives near the Yamuna banks on temporary colony. No water, no toilets…. Thankfully there is a school. Their main source is a ground water pump inside the colony is too hard to use. The basic amenities are ignored to them. Hardly any supports come from authorities to these migrants. The source water Yamuna is heavily polluted.

Monsoon clouds over Kuttanad


The monsoon clouds over Kuttanad, in Allepey, Kerala. from my back water trail in 2013

Kuttanad is a delta region of about 900 sq. km situated in the west coast of Kerala State, India. The area is a larger mosaic of fragmented landscape patches and varied ecosystems such as coastal backwaters, rivers, vast stretches of paddy fields, marshes, ponds, garden lands, edges, corridors and   remarkably networked water ways. The confluence of four major rivers of the State, the Meenachil, the Manimala, the Pampa and the Achenkoil draining into the Vembanad Lake. Farmers of Kuttinad famous for Biosaline Farming. FAO has declared the Kuttanad Farming System as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS). The Kuttanad Below Sea-level Farming System is unique, as it is the only system in India that practices rice cultivation below sea level.

Discrimination, Negligence,Irresposibility

The two schools for children in McLeodGanj, Himachal, one is run by Tibetan trust and where other one under the State government’s rural educational scheme.

Govt: Rural Primary School in McleodGanj children waiting for their teacher


Tibetan Primary School in McleodGanj learning Tibetan language.Mail-DSC6485

Change in Colours


Soon Jodhpur will miss the blue colored houses. Blue city of Jodhpur is changing…. the new constructions in the city is not  following the tradition.

Cops are busy, no time for…

It’s an accident, not murder, not a hit and run case,  truck driver and victim are labors/ workers.

The issue is different here.

The truck with a trailer belongs to a bore well company  (Ultratech with registration # RJ 09 GA 4306) while passing through Safdarjung Enclave around 6:20pm today. It is moving at a 8-10km speed because of heavy load and peak traffic hours. They knock down this boy and run over by its rear wheel.

Public manage to overtake the truck to catch the driver.

Nearly 30 minutes he was lying in the pool of blood. If taken the victim to hospital without waiting to cops, his life could have been saved.

By the time driver disappeared –not run away.

The traffic police or PCR not reached or responded to many desperate calls made by the onlookers.

Now look at what our traffic Cops are up to… One traffic police officer (see the image) is busy setting up their shop standing few meters away from the accident spot, as if nothing happened.  And rest of his colleagues are inside the taxi stand and chatting.  They don’t care about the traffic jams or accidents. They are preparing to catch traffic offenders as routine. They much worried about chalaans and their incentives.