Cops are busy, no time for…

It’s an accident, not murder, not a hit and run case,  truck driver and victim are labors/ workers.

The issue is different here.

The truck with a trailer belongs to a bore well company  (Ultratech with registration # RJ 09 GA 4306) while passing through Safdarjung Enclave around 6:20pm today. It is moving at a 8-10km speed because of heavy load and peak traffic hours. They knock down this boy and run over by its rear wheel.

Public manage to overtake the truck to catch the driver.

Nearly 30 minutes he was lying in the pool of blood. If taken the victim to hospital without waiting to cops, his life could have been saved.

By the time driver disappeared –not run away.

The traffic police or PCR not reached or responded to many desperate calls made by the onlookers.

Now look at what our traffic Cops are up to… One traffic police officer (see the image) is busy setting up their shop standing few meters away from the accident spot, as if nothing happened.  And rest of his colleagues are inside the taxi stand and chatting.  They don’t care about the traffic jams or accidents. They are preparing to catch traffic offenders as routine. They much worried about chalaans and their incentives.


© Gireesh GV
© Gireesh GV

‘Roshan Chiarg Dilli’, the bright lamp of Delhi

The shrine of Sufi saint Hazrat Naseeruddin Mahmud Roshan Chirag Dilli
© Gireesh GV

The devotees come to pray on Sunday (5th July 2015) at the  shrine of Sufi saint Hazrat Naseeruddin Mahmud Roshan Chirag Dilli

Street walks

Streets of Nizamuddin

The landmarks

The landmarks

Ashaf Ali Statue at Dharya Ganj

2013-pedal rickshaw vs battery rickshaws

2013-pedal rickshaw vs battery rickshaws

The entry of battery operated rickshaws in New delhi is slowly replacing the pedal rickshaws. The normal cycle rickshaw pullers are facing a friction with the new entrants. The passengers are choosing this battery operated rickshaw because its cheap and new. Still cycle is faster. The cycle rickshaw pullers need to spend fifty rupees per day as rent where electric rickshaws avail only at four to five hundred rupees as rent.

Chat Vendor in Connaught Place, New Delhi

Chat Vendor in Connaught Place, New Delhi

The sign of early winter in Northern India. The temperature are dropping in the evenings.

Desperate shopping for wedding season, India

Desperate shopping for wedding season, India

Festival shopping in Chandini Chowk markets. The festival and the wedding season starting this month in India. The shop in the streets exclusively for women and children where find more shoppers. In spite of recession the Indians are no way stops there festival shopping.

time to give, feed the poor- celebrating Ramadan

day of celebrating- ramadanFriends greeting each other at a restaurant on the eve of Ramadan, near Jama Masjid while some waiting for food, feeding the poor on Ramadan. more images 

EID Mubarak

_DSC5687A woman offers namaz during Eid celebrations at Jama Masjid in Delhi, India

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