Dust Storm

 © GIREESH GVFine dust rising from the banks of Yamuna due to a truck carrying construction materials, Uttar Pradesh, India

taking a break after busy Diwali work.

Children in Chawri Bazaar

Early morning light on a bird

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. – Benjamin Franklin

Catch the morning rays of the sun on your face. Bask in the warm golden rays, and you will feel wonderful. Take a brisk walk in the open, and enjoy the gentle morning breeze on your face. The morning sun is a good source of vitamins that gives your body a healthy look.

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Starting FIFA fever tonight, remind me Kozhikode

Starting FIFA fever  tonight, remind me Kozhikode

Football, craze to start tonight.
In Mallapuram is different. Most of the boys get professional coaching in football. For them it’s not just a craze.
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